iOSDocked - EP047 - BetaButter & ShiftyJelly/i-Like iTunes Radio for iOS 7

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iTunes Radio

This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was iTunes Radio for iOS 7. With iTunes being home to all my digital media files, it just makes sense to take advantage of additional services that tie into iTunes. I signed up for iTunes Match the instant it became available and while the service hasn't been perfect for me, it has improved. Match has allowed me to have my entire iTunes library with me wherever I go regardless of my device storage capacity. Now with iTunes Radio, I can also discover new music that I don't already own. The Pandora like Music app add-on allows you to create customer radio stations based off a particular song or artist. The service is offered free to anyone with an iTunes account but iTunes Match subscribers get the benefit of an ad-free experience. Since the beta debut of this service, I have cancelled other accounts that offer similar offerings. While iTunes Radio does not offer what Rdio, Spotify and Google's All Access do in terms of immediate access to any track in their massive listening library nor does it allow local downloads, it does offer free music discovery and options to easily add the music you like with a buy now option or "Add to iTunes Wish List" for purchase later. Of course, this is all seamless as it's part of the growing iOS & iTunes ecosystem I live in. Personally, I think the iTunes Radio service is awesome as is but I wouldn't doubt it if Apple has bigger plans for the service in the future.