Extensions that make Chrome Beautiful

Chrome is by no means an ugly piece of software. But, like anything, it isn't perfect. Over my many years as a Chrome user I've installed a ton of extensions. Many of them are for aesthetic purposes. Here are my favorite extensions to smooth out the rough edges of Chrome for Windows.

AdBlock & AdBlock for Youtube

Out of all of these, this is probably the two you're most likely to already have. Both AdbBlock extensions do exactly what you'd think: block ads. Most websites are scalable now so blocking a banner ad actually gives you more valuable information on screen rather than just leaving a blank space where the ad used to be. AdBlock can turn an ugly page into a beautiful one. Just be aware that many websites do make money based on advertisement views so, if you love a particular site, add it to your whitelist.

AdBlock with and without

Thin Scroll Bar

As Windows has evolved through the generations, it's become a lot better looking. That said, the horribly ugly scroll bar has hardly changed one bit. Given the minimalistic design of Chrome, it only makes sense to clean it up a little more. 

Thin Scrollbars

Neater Bookmarks

Overall, Chrome (and most of Google's software) looks great. It's clean, it's simple, it doesn't clutter things up with unneeded steps. But one of the most common complaints about Chrome is the bookmarks system. Sure, the bookmarks bar is quick but what if you don't want the clutter? Neater Bookmarks gives Chrome a iOS Safari-esk drop down menu. 

Neater Bookmarks

Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller

If you're used to navigating touch devices or with a Mac gesture pad, you've probably come to despise scrolling on Windows. Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller is a simple extension that makes scrolling feel natural. You can change the acceleration rate, top speed, and even bump distance. 


No mater how good you make Chrome look it can only be as pretty as the pages you display. Clearly by Evernote lets you quickly toggle an overlay that removes clutter, formats images, and provides you with viewing options such as text size, color, and font. As an added bonus, you can save pages you've opened with Clearly directly to Evernote without leaving the page. However, Evernote is not required to run Clearly.

So, what did I miss? Any thoughts on other extensions that help make Chrome beautiful? I'm sure there are many more out there on the infinitely deep Web Store.