iOSDocked - EP043 - Bring on the Flatness/i-Like Battery

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was BatteryDoctor Pro. This is a profile and battery management app available in the Cydia store for free on jailbroken devices. What can be said about BatteryDoctor Pro? It is an amazing utility. If offers so much functionality and it is extremely polished in design. A jailbroken device can become plagued with memory and battery issues. It's just understood as a trade-off for installing these utilities, tweaks and mods we love so much that you just won't find available in Apple's App Store. BatteryDoctor Pro does a fantastic job at helping you manage your battery life by providing you with preset profiles for your specific needs. Why do you need cellular data on if you are at home and connected to a hotspot? Why do you need the brightness level on 50% when you are asleep at night? Why have on location data when you are not moving around? Get the idea? BatteryDoctor Pro also provides a rich Notification Center interface including an obscene amount of useful toggles, a RAM cleaner, a profile switcher, an app switcher and basic music controls. There is so much in this tight package. I offered to pay the developer of this application and my money was turned down. This is the kind of application that makes jailbreaking worth the risk. Please check out the gallery below for a closer look. It's free and it's awesome and you don't have to wait for Apple to approve it;)