iOSDocked - EP041 - Spinning Beach Ball?/i-Like Reeder for iPhone

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was Reeder for iPhone. 

I chose Reeder for my i-Like because it is the perfect solution for me in the way it allows me to browse the headlines from all the news sources, blogs and websites I visit in just a few minutes. Text and photos are beautifully displayed in an easy to read way. The killer feature for me is the sharing menu and the sliding toggles. Go into the settings menu and set up all your sharing accounts. Then you can easily slide a news story to send to Pocket or "Star" an item as I have it set up in the gallery below. Tailor it to your own liking. This app is flawless in design in my opinion and at $2.99 it is truly a great value. They are currently offering the iPad and Mac versions of their app for free so make sure to take advantage of those discounts as well. This app uses Google Reader to sync your news sources so how Reeder moves forward with Google killing their Reader service remains to be seen. But the folks at Reeder have stated they aren't going anywhere.