iOSDocked - EP039 - Your Freemium Model Podcast/i-Like Goal Streaks for iOS

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was Goal Streaks for iOS

Goal Streaks is an application designed to help you stay on track in creating new positive habits in your life. The idea behind the app is to reach your daily goals and therefore extend your consecutive streak for as long as possible. Break your streak and you start from day one again. Goal Streaks will keep you posted on your current streak statistics on the bottom left corner as well as your personal best on the bottom right corner. This will help keep you motivated by pushing you to set a new personal best streak. There is also a journaling option that is enabled by long-pressing a particular date. I personally use this feature to make a small note as to the reason a goal was not reached on a certain day. This helps me avoid making the same mistakes moving forward by taking note of the things that cause me to "break the chain". Goal Streaks is a costly little app but it is well designed and certainly has the iOS polish you find amongst the best of what the App Store has to offer. Syncing between your iPhone and iPad has been confirmed to be included in a future update. You can find Goal Streaks in the App Store for $3.99.