iOSDocked - EP040 - That Killer Feature/i-Like Byword?

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was TaskPaper. But here recently, the app is no longer functioning as it is supposed to for me. But fret not, because I have a substitute that I have been using for some time now.

Byword is a text editor with a streamlined interface and Markdown capability. It has both iCloud and Dropbox sync support and they have an app for all your productivity machines whether on the iPhone, iPad or the Mac. The app also offers a light and a dark theme depending on your preference and they both look great. The app is rock solid. I have not tested iCloud sync but I can personally vouch on the reliability of the Dropbox sync if you have any concerns there. The app is currently on sale for $2.99 making it a cool 40% cheaper than my original i-Like.