iOSDocked EP 58 iLike: Danny's Pick - Mosaic Photo book

Photo books make great gifts, especially for grandparents.  That's why my iLike for this week is Mosaic. Mosaic has been available on the App Store for about a year now and I have ordered 3 books from them. 1 was a test book and the other 2 were gifts for my mom and mother in law. They absolutely loved them. 

The book is 7x7 and contains 20 4x6 images. You can arrange the images in any order you like. The cover of the book has 13 cut outs for a small sample of the images inside.   

The cover is made of black linen and you can chose white or plack pages to go with your images.  I prefer black as it makes the images stand out more.  Using the app is a cinch.  Open it up and start adding your images.  

What makes this app stand out is that you can get a nice photo book in 4(!!!) business days for $25.00.  The book is $20.00 and shipping is only $5.00.  iOS users also have to option to buy a $25.00 gift card for someone that may want to create their own photo book. 

Mosaic is an iPhone app but will work on any device running iOS 5 or later. That app is available for free in the App Store and as I said before, the book is well worth the $25.00. With Christmas just around the corner, what better gift to give someone then a book of memories....