30 Days with the Galaxy Note 3

It's been awhile since I've posted regarding my experience with the Galaxy Note 3. It's not because I haven't wanted to write but more because I haven't wanted to put down the device. 30 days in and I am still learning more and more about this phone.

I've gotten over the size of the device. Going back to a 4" display doesn't work anymore. This is the trend and it is not going away. I am certain of that. If I feel the need to look at a small display, I have the Galaxy Gear. I have just about finalized my customizations. With the help of Nova Launcher, I have the device tailored to do what I need to do either 1) automatically or 2) very quickly. I was able to update the phone's firmware OTA (over the air) last night and it seems to have improved the speed some. Further tests need to be done to confirm that though. 

At this point, I am not missing any iOS apps. I have found solid replacements or made modifications to my workflows to adjust for any potential negative experiences in regard to the applications I use day to day. One future post I look forward to writing that I think could help iOS owners who may feel imprisoned to the platform, is how to migrate from the king of iOS GTD software in Omnifocus to my new found favorite in Google Keep. There are some tradeoffs, but I am done investing large amounts of money in companies refusing to make mulitplatform software when there are very good free multiplatform alternatives available. This was the biggest obstacle in switching platforms for me but now that I have been at it for a month, I believe I have escaped the chains of dependancy. My iPhone 5S went on "Clayslist" (as a buddy of mine likes to call it) so there will be no going back to iOS for me until at least fall of next year. And even if I do, I have made the decsion to stick with Google services as they work on everything everywhere. Hangouts, Calendar, Contacts, Chrome, Google+ and I'm sure there are other services unementioned that give me a seamless multi-platform experience which is sure less painful than trying to find ways to get iCloud data on an Android device. 

A couple of friends of mine have made the jump back to iOS after spending a couple weeks on Android. I'm just not content any more with the iPhone experience anymore for my needs. I won't rule out an iPhone in the future but to be honest, I just don't think I am their target customer anymore. Am I done with iOS? Not at all. I just purchased an iPad Air and began setup of that device as my ulitmate media machine at home. With the Note 3 for day to day use, the new iPad Air for media consumption and creation and the Macbook Air for the heavy lifting, I am in technology heaven. 2014 will be a good year.