Day 13 with the Galaxy Note 3

So in the last 24 hours, I have finally managed to finish installing all my desired apps on the Note 3. They have all been signed into with settings customized and are all in their appropriate folders. Now it's time to play. What's first? Should I replace the Touchwiz launcher with Nova (my preferred 3rd party launcher)? Or maybe just download some games or movies and chill? I am now in no hurry as my iPhone to Android convergence is complete and so is my daily journal with the Galaxy Note 3. I will continue to post a weekly now that things are going to slow down. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter with the 411 on what is new and exciting in the Android universe. Launchers, utilities, or whatever else you got, I want to know. It's time to play! 

Before I wrap up, I have had requests from some people following my blog to get a look at some of the best designed apps for Android. I have a few of my favorites for you in the gallery below. I hope this just goes to show you that it's not the platform that limits the quality of apps, but the lack of passion or skill from the developers. However, the developer teams of the apps featured below put their mind to creating some amazing and beautiful applications and it shows. Below, take a look at Feedly, Comics, Flickr, Robin, TimelyGoogle Music and Google Keep. Exciting times await!