Day 10 with the Galaxy Note 3

Tragedy struck when my makeshift GTD system blew up in my face using today. I lost hundreds of tasks related to all kinds of projects. Luckily, I had an Omnifocus backup to restore from just a few days ago. So what to do for complex project management on Android? I gave a shot and it ended up nearly costing me my entire weekend. So I wasn't about to trust everything to that service again. So I ended up thinking outside the box and went with Google Keep. I trust Google's ability to keep my critical data in sync while I will continue to use for very specific and basic reminder needs. Google keep helped me recover from this GTD blowup today by offering me a very nice web app on the Mac making the input of numerous tasks and projects into the Keep system a breeze. Google Keep also restores my ability to set up location reminders which also ties into Google Now as Google Keep reminders will be listed as cards as they become due. So catastrophe averted for now. I hope to have good news to report if this system works as expected.