Day 8 with the Galaxy Note 3

Today was quite a day. The Galaxy Note 3 survived a long 11+ hour work day with quite extensive use and just about every feature and tweak imaginable turned and left on. I am starting to get more and more familiar with the device. Muscle memory is playing more of a factor as I find my away around the device. I've started to customize just a little and tailor some home screens to my liking. The bluetooth connectivity has been more than acceptable as my headset and my new Samsung Gear has maintained a constant connection through the entire day without a hiccup. OK, so what about the Samsung Gear?

Listen, it's not a perfect device, but it is a nice companion to the Note without question. While I am not thrilled with it completely, it is a big step up from the Pebble in a couple of ways. First of all, it is just a better looking watch. I actually love the design. I love the display even more. The screen is crisp and vibrant. I am also enjoying many of the features. I did pull a Dick Tracy and have a quick conversation or two with my wrist today. Yes, it was awesome. The sound quality is amazingly good and so is the volume. The pedometer in this baby is getting good use as well as it is communicating with my health and fitness app on the Note as it logs my walks and keeps track of calories burned. So along with the Pebble, the Nike+ Fuelband will also be up on eBay soon. Notifications from the native Messages and Email applications work great but 3rd party app notifications leave a lot to be desired. You get an icon that when pressed will give you the option to open your Note 3 to the notification. I will have more Samsung Gear experiences to share as I go, but I have to say that I'm quite happy with it. 

So over one week in and I am immersed in a new ecosystem and am excited to see where it leads. Tomorrow, I really need to start installing some apps to get the most out of this device. I have a lot of downloading to do.