Day 7 with the Galaxy Note 3

What a day! I spent an entire day moving a 200+ project task management database in Omnifocus to There are some tradeoffs and each service has it's own pros and cons, bells and whistles. But I'm going to give it a shot as I feel that offers some really cool tweaks that will work nicely with how I like to get things done. One example is the widget that will allow me to quickly add tasks via text or voice to my Personal Inbox folder. The other plus is the daily review and planner feature. Throw in the really sophisticated alert options as items come due and I am starting to believe that this might actually work. And I hope this does, as leaving Omnifocus has been one of the most difficult challenges I have had to face. 

I am also really making good use of Google Drive now as a catch all for quick text documents, easily accessible offline file storage and to fulfill all of my paperless lifestyle needs. 

Finally, I started downloading some 3rd party apps that were favorites of mine on the iPhone. This will be a tedious process as well as I will have to find some replacements for key apps I used on a daily basis. But nothing, and I mean nothing will be as stressful as replacing Omnifocus and now that that's out of the way, everything else should be a piece of cake.  

More to come.....