Day 6 with the Galaxy Note 3

There was a big Apple Event today. But seriously, when is an Apple event, not a big event. I'm guessing it ended about 7+ hours ago and to tell you the truth? I was so caught up in what I've had going on over the last couple of days, that I've heard nothing. I will get myself caught up on what happened or what didn't happen first thing in the morning.  

So what happened with the Note 3 in day 6? 

It became my primary device. That's right. It's official. After 6 long and satisfying years with an iPhone, it has finally been unthroned as my favorite device. I have been exclusively using the Note 3 for the last 24 hours. But I didn't stop there. I also picked up a couple other goodies while at the AT&T store to enhance the Note 3 experience. I picked up the Motorola Whisper bluetooth headset with supposed unrivaled voice quality and I also bought a new watch. (more on that in Day 7 or 8)


Now onto my experiences with the Note 3. I had one experience I definitely want to share that had to do with using S-voice of all things. The story goes like this: 

 "Hi Galaxy"


"Record voice memo" 

(recorded quick message)

S-voice transcribes my voice memo and saves it to my notepad as a todo action. 

"Hi Galaxy" 


"Send Text message to Helen"

S-Voice: "What would you like it to say?"

"I am on my way. I should be there in about 10 minutes." 

S-Voice repeats my message and gives me a few options as to what to do with the message. 


Ok, so there is nothing truly mind-blowing here, right? Oh, but there is. This all happened without even touching my phone. I didn't touch it once. You want to know what else? I didn't have to wait for S-voice. She was instant. There were no flashing purple dots or blue circles, just instantaneous action. There is one other thing. The word selection, the spelling and the punctuation was all spot on. It was like I was living one of my iDreams. 

Outside of that, I did get a little bit of time with the camera.