Day 5 with the Galaxy Note 3

I got quite a bit accomplished in the last 24 hours. I wrapped up my contact clean up project, than organized by groups. I linked up my Google+ Circles and Facebook Friends as well. I also designated assigned ringtones and vibration alerts so I could distinguish between business and personal calls and text messages from particular groups. 

Calendar exporting to Google from iCloud was way easier than imagined. I simply exported each individual calendar (somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 of them) to my desktop. I then imported each one to the Google Calendar web interface. The whole process took less than an hour and it was way less painful than I thought it might be.  

While this work with my Contacts and Calendar databases was in progress, I have Google's Music Manager app for Mac uploading my entire iTunes music library which is about half way done at the point of this post. 

I am still undecided about how to handle photos. I am thinking I may leave Everpix to do the heavy lifting there.  

Finally, and this was the highlight of my day, was the discovery of the IR port on my Note 3. So my Note 3 is now the universal remote in my house controlling my Sony TV and my Motorola DVR box. Samsung provides a really nice native application making the setup stupid easy. The entire process took 10 minutes. I have never had much success getting the right IR signal with previous devices. I was blown away with this asmit was an unexpected surprise. 

Next up, is the monstrosity of a task in getting my projects and tasks into a reliable Android workflow. Also, I may swap SIMs today with the iPhone and make the Galaxy Note 3 my official daily driver. Wish me luck.