Day 4 with the Galaxy Note 3

Migrating from one ecosystem to another is no an easy task when you are as OCD as I am. If I am going to do this right, I need to go in all the way.  Here is a quick breakdown of what my ecosystem migration todo list: 

  • Clean up all existing 1200+ contacts in iCloud and migrate to Google Contacts. My contacts are a mess and this will take a couple days to do right.
  • Clean up and sync all bookmarks in Safari with Google Chrome. 
  • Set up all new calendars in Google Calendars and copy and paste existing entries from iCloud.
  • Move my entire iPhoto library to Picasa web albums. 
  • Upload my entire iTunes music database to Google's All Access services.

So day 4 has been spent cleaning up my contact database. I don't even think I turned the Note 3 on today. But as soon as I get these contacts cleaned up, I look forward to syncing the Note 3 and then adding my Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn contacts and linking them all together.    

These tasks I have lined up are not fun but necessary if I am going to fully commit to this change in my mobile computing lifestyle.