Day 3 with the Galaxy Note 3

I don't have any photos today. But I will have plenty later as I have decided that after just 3 days, this will be my new daily driver. This will officially be the first device to overthrow the iPhone as my primary device. There is just too much the Galaxy Note 3 offers to not make this happen. It will take some time to make this happen but it WILL happen. Thoughts of picking up a Galaxy Gear also crossed my mind today. What is going on with me lately? 

In regard to the Note 3, and what I got accomplished in Day 3, I finished setting up all the stock applications and to my surprise, Samsung has some nice offerings in the way of their own applications pre-installed on the device. I look forward to trying some of those out over the coming weeks. 

Next up on my list, installing my critical 3rd party apps.