androidXperience Podcast - EP005 - Google I/O Afterthoughts

androidXperience Show Notes

Episode #: 5

Date: 06/16/15

Hosts: Patrick Virgadamo, Todd Wright,


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Thanks for listening to the AndroidXperience podcast. This is a show where we keep you posted on what’s new in the World of Google and Android and share our experiences with the platform. This is episode #5 on the day of (?). I am your host Patrick Virgadamo and I am joined by my co-host Todd Wright and we also have a special guest who shares an interest with us in the Android platform. And now I would like to introduce our guest for this show….

Bill Stebbins

What’s Appening?  (High Profile App Releases & Updates)


Top Stories

Google IO 2015

What We Got:

  • Android M

  • Thoughts?

  • App Permissions

  • Battery Life / USB C Support

  • Doze Mode

  • Google Now On Tap

  • Google Photos - Unlimited Storage, Search

  • Project Brillo

  • Project Loon

  • Offline Maps

  • Android Wear

  • Android Pay/ Fingerprint Support

  • Google Cardboard

    • Now iPhone Compatible

  • HBO Now

What We Didn’t

  • Android Auto

  • Android TV

Final Thoughts?


PSA - LastPass was hacked, time to change your master password


+1/-1 Tech Picks

Bill: Google Rewards

Todd: LG G4

Patrick: Gunnar Optiks


How to Reach Us:

Where you can reach the androidXperience crew

  • Patrick - @lsulaw2009 on Twitter

  • Todd - @toddw on Twitter

  • Bill - @BillStebbins


Playmaker Challenge (Tweet us @AXpPodcast and use #PlaymakerChallenge to compete)

Last week’s showdown featured this game: PBA Challenge


Last week’s rankings among the crew:

  • 1st: Todd

  • 2nd: Patrick

  • Last:Clay


In Closing

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