Attention - 2 - TEK - EP003 - Ken Cooper (Director of Sales & Marketing for Commercial Landscaping)

Attention - 2 - TEK Show Notes

Episode #: 3

Date: 10/08/18

Hosts: Donny Benfield with Special Guest

Guest Introduction

  • Guest Name: Ken Cooper

  • Occupation: Director of Sales & Marketing for a commercial landscaping company

Attention - 2: (The “What?” & the “Why”)

  • Your smartphone

  • Windows, Mac OS or other?

  • Your tablet?

  • Your go-to apps?

  • Your subscription services?

  • Your TV?

  • Your gaming console

  • Your home automation?

  • I hear you are getting into podcasting? Why?

  • You mentioned to me your son has diabetes, is there any advancements in tech that would would like to see in the future?

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