Apple Juice Cast - EP064 - Year in Review

Apple Juice Show Notes

Episode #: 64

Date: 12/29/15

Hosts: Danny Tammaro & Clay Russell

Smart pen patent was filed
Unlocked iPhone 6 went on sale
Stopped selling products in Crimea, terminated developer accounts in the region
iOS 8.1.3, Mac OS 10.10.2 iTunes 12.1 released
Quarterly results: $74.6 Billion in revenue

Apple Store employees began training for Watch
iPhone sales overtook Android for the first time since 2012

Apple hosts Spring Forward event - TV price drop, ResearchKit announced, iOS 8.2 released, new MacBooks, USB C, all day battery- Force Touch on the MacBook Pro, Watch pricing and availability revealed
Apple removes 3rd party fitness trackers prior to Watch Launch

Watch Preorders went live on April 10, 1 million pre-orders, all models sold out until June
OS X entered a public beta program
WWDC 2015 announced
Apple was being scrutinized for helping terrorists by have such a locked down phone
Q2 results announced - $58 Billion in revenue, 61.2 million phones sold
iOS 8.4 beta released

3rd party watch band program announced
Jony Ive gets promoted to Chief Design Officer



3rd party fitness bands returned to store shelves
WWDC: iOS 9, Mac OS 10.11, Watch OS 2, Music, public beta for iOS and watch sales are estimated at 279 million units
Taylor Swift pens a letter complaining about musicians not getting paid during the free trial of Music, Apple reverses course
iOS 8.4 and Music released

Showtime launches exclusive Tv app, offers 30 day free trial
Apple stores began selling 3rd party products with premium packaging look
Supply of Watch finally caught up with demand
Apple Pay in UK launches
New iPods
3rd quarter earnings: 202.8 Billion in cash, 47.5 M iPhones sold

Best Buy begins selling Apple Watch
Apple Music festival announced
September event announced with lots of rumors

New iPhones, upgrade program, Apple TV, iPad Pro, new watch bands
Carriers begin selling Apple watch
iOS 9, watchOS 2 released
Hacked apps in Chinese App Store
10 million phone sold in opening weekend

iOS 9.1 releases, new emojis and wallpapers
New Beats Pill + speaker
Apple TV beings shipping

iPad Pro beings shipping, accessories not shipping for 5 weeks!!
Beats Music was shut down on 11/30
Apple Music app for Android released
Apple releases their own watch dock

Apple begins selling a smart battery case
iOS 9.2 released
The Beatles comes to Apple Music streaming
Swift becomes open source
Jeff Williams becomes COO

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Happy New Year everyone, please, please, please be safe!!!