App Chat Podcast - EP001 - 10-23-16

App Chat Show Notes

Episode #: 1

Date: 10/23/16

Hosts: The TEKSide Family


This Month in TEKSide


  • iLikes & iDislikes from the iOSDocked podcast

    • Jerry: Hiya (free)

    • Clay: Stash (currently in beta)



  • +1 or -1’s from the androidXperience podcast?

    • Bill - Action Launcher

    • Patrick -   -1 Google Allo



  • What’s On Sale? from the Apple Juice Cast?

    • Free App of the week: Shadowbug

    • Inks is still available for free from the Apple Store App


The Dev Seg

  • Interview with Timothy Broder and KidFund


App Snacks (audio app reviews from our friends at TEKSide)


In Closing

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